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Biography of Angelique' Rockwell

I was born in the Spring of 1979 in San José, California, I'm a Pisces, an introvert by nature. I have since lived in Washington, Oregon, West Virginia, Florida, Iowa, and Tennessee.
I was with my husband for 12 years, then widowed. I have four smart and beautiful children. I love my children, horseback riding, reading, road trips, and sex (not in that order) . I've dated numerous men (but only been in 4 relationships) in my lifetime and a few of them have left their mark, and unfortunately for them, they are the ones that I write about, I would like to say I'm just kidding, but I'm not.
I don't, as a rule, show my poetry to people that I know - so in all actuality, only a handful that I grew up with actually know that I write. But, alas, this is the only way I can express myself and have others understand what it is I’m even thinking about!

Angelique' Rockwell's Works:

I haven't written anywhere else. Updates

Princess Baby

My princess is growing
Taller each passing day
More beautiful by the minute
She always wants to play

Her birthday only just passed
She's running and playing
Laughing, smiling, and jumping
We really have to watch what we're saying

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