Angie Crawford

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Biography of Angie Crawford

Hey im Angie, i love to hang out with friends. Writing is my way of getting all of my anger out, so when you read my poems, it is all about my life. Writing poems is my passion yes i am a kid, but i am a kid with many talents. For example, i can write poems and songs. I can sing, i can kinda dance but im not good at it. I love music. I like many forms such as country, hip hop, rap, pop, and many more. I just want one thing in life and tht is someone to look up to when i am down. I have a good life i might not realize it but i do and i am proud to be who i am. Sometimes i can be mean but when i am i dont realize it until i get everything out. I want to change that but i dont know how. Well, i think that is all you should know about me i really am i simple girl and i hope you will see that too. Updates

What I Learned Today

What I learned today is that there will be a tomorrow,
what I learned today is the truth is full of pain and sorrow.

What I learned yesterday is people make mistakes,
what I learned yesterday is I will do whatever it takes.

What I learned Saturday when i watched you leave I take back
what I said, what I learned Saturday is when we fought i dread.

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