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Anime Teen 4ever Poems

1. Bob And A Box 11/14/2008
2. Fat She Says It Then She Is 11/14/2008
3. Fight 11/16/2008
4. Do Poems Have To Rhyme? 11/14/2008
5. The New Tales Of Bob And Stick 11/14/2008
6. Pirate 11/16/2008
7. Hate 11/14/2008
8. Just A Face 11/14/2008
9. Run Bob 11/14/2008

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Best Poem of Anime Teen 4ever

Run Bob

run bob from the cops
run bob and never stop
run bob or you`ll get caught
don`t stop bob or your dead meat
run bob fast please
the cops are near
run bob or the slamer it is
run bob for now
run or you`ll be caught run bob don`t ever stop
they are closing in
run bob for the things you did
don`t stop or slow down
run bob or eles your down

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