Aniruddha Pathak

Freshman - 823 Points [Anirpath] (25.05.1941 / Godhra - Gujarat)

Aniruddha Pathak Poems

401. Does It Matter? 12/29/2013
402. The Right Pause 12/29/2013
403. Both When Rediscovered Old Friend 12/29/2013
404. Go, Go Out To The World 12/29/2013
405. Time Enough 12/29/2013
406. The Doctor As Friend 12/29/2013
407. A Drug Called Love 12/29/2013
408. The Season Of Poll Weddings 12/29/2013
409. This Is Progress 12/29/2013
410. The Twists And Twirls Of A Tongue 12/29/2013
411. Uncut, Untailored Does Come Truth 12/29/2013
412. Destiny Sans Arrival Date 12/29/2013
413. Experience 12/29/2013
414. Fasting Is Good For Starving Soul 12/29/2013
415. The Two Beating Hearts 12/29/2013
416. Nature’s Bounties, All Her Boons 12/29/2013
417. Mother 12/29/2013
418. Man His Happiness Deserves 12/30/2013
419. There’s No Innocent Jose 12/30/2013
420. Old Age With Heavy Baggage 12/30/2013
421. There Is No Better Teacher Than Nature 12/30/2013
422. When I Came To You Last 12/29/2013
423. O To Like What Is Not 12/30/2013
424. Friends 12/29/2013
425. Ah Karsan, What A Person! 12/29/2013
426. Change The Bait 12/30/2013
427. Questions 12/30/2013
428. To Forgive And Forget 12/30/2013
429. From Grey To Green, And Green To Grey 12/29/2013
430. One More Manosaur1 12/29/2013
431. An Extra Inch 12/29/2013
432. Forget He Might, Forgiving Not For Life 12/29/2013
433. The Bachelor Boy 12/29/2013
434. Bed Of Thorns 12/30/2013
435. Smoke Signals 12/30/2013
436. Keep It Simple, Stupid! 12/29/2013
437. The Angel And Devil1 12/29/2013
438. Pointless Piffles 12/30/2013
439. Sense Of Humour 12/30/2013
440. Silence 12/30/2013

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Best Poem of Aniruddha Pathak

There Are Books And Books, But

A book loud and loose if not lusty,
Read and re-read to the last page,
Dog-eared oft gets but scarce dusty,
And dies of torn limbs ere her age!

While a tome beautifully bound,
Decorated wall-hanging wisdom
Like sword and armour of a kingdom,
Dies treasured a tall bookcase bound.

Or may long live not a page turned,
To die unread of ripe old age,
Or by next generation earned,
Yellowed, book-worms devoured in rage!

There’s a thing common— books or men,
But a few significant can.

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Footprints Upon My Sands

Man as in poor image of God is made,
His footprints of acts scarce to my heart reach;
History may have recorded his work,
I need no such printed prints him to know.
I can hear and feel him walking ‘pon me;
Let me wait till that wave rises from sea
Erasing wrinkles off my body’s skin;
And if that tide, always a ready friend,
Whilst receding back to the heart of sea,

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