Aniruddha Pathak

Freshman - 843 Points [Anirpath] (25.05.1941 / Godhra - Gujarat)

Aniruddha Pathak Poems

561. Laughter 12/29/2013
562. The Moral Ozone 12/29/2013
563. Creation 12/29/2013
564. Life 12/29/2013
565. Victory Or Loss 12/29/2013
566. Potty Disparity 12/29/2013
567. No More Courage Than Many 12/29/2013
568. I Like The Waning Moon 12/27/2013
569. Desire: Bear It If Can’t Beat It 12/29/2013
570. Why Can’t Man Within See? 12/29/2013
571. Modesty Blasé 12/28/2013
572. Ripening Old Age 12/28/2013
573. Conscience And Ego 12/28/2013
574. Women, Their Feet Firmly On Earth 12/28/2013
575. When God Gave Man Mind 12/28/2013
576. Better A Diamond Be Than Coal 12/28/2013
577. One Way Never To Fail 12/27/2013
578. Peaks And Valleys 12/28/2013
579. Man Only Can Excel 12/27/2013
580. Thou Art A Strange Killjoy 12/27/2013
581. God, Far Off And Vague 12/27/2013
582. Let Leaf Be The Life 12/27/2013
583. 2nd October 12/27/2013
584. The Body’s When Consumed By Fire 12/27/2013
585. If I Can’t 12/27/2013
586. Depth, Naught Length 12/27/2013
587. The Karmic Law 12/27/2013
588. The Three-Year Itch 12/27/2013
589. Progress Made In India 12/27/2013
590. She Wants For Her A Wife! 12/27/2013
591. Let Every Moment Lure, Yet Let It Go 12/27/2013
592. I Move Not, Still I Move 12/27/2013
593. Orphans In The Womb 12/23/2013
594. And Flowers Shall Mourn 12/23/2013
595. Circumstances 12/23/2013
596. Opening Up: The Changing Times 12/22/2013
597. Let Me O Sleep Unmask Thy Face Of Death 12/21/2013
598. My Lady Love— Desire 12/21/2013
599. I’ll Keep Thine Rest To Kiss 12/21/2013
600. Death, Thou Shalt Die 12/21/2013

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Best Poem of Aniruddha Pathak

The Joy Of Giving

Be it no more than a glass of water,
A living walking stick played by daughter,
Care and concern, warm smile, none too hotter;

Or quality time spent with someone old,
Blanket’s warm fold in times forlorn and cold,
In times of need a ready shoulder-hold;

A pair of sleepers to feet walking bare,
Not in loud charity to show you care,
Heart-born feelings when show above false air.

Anything given short of counting ways,
Given to brighten up needy heart’s greys,
To lighten load that too heavily weighs.

Give it ...

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Footprints Upon My Sands

Man as in poor image of God is made,
His footprints of acts scarce to my heart reach;
History may have recorded his work,
I need no such printed prints him to know.
I can hear and feel him walking ‘pon me;
Let me wait till that wave rises from sea
Erasing wrinkles off my body’s skin;
And if that tide, always a ready friend,
Whilst receding back to the heart of sea,

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