Aniruddha Pathak

Freshman - 823 Points [Anirpath] (25.05.1941 / Godhra - Gujarat)

Aniruddha Pathak Poems

601. A Prayer Too Late 12/20/2013
602. Destiny Dies But Once 12/20/2013
603. The Road Not Ere Taken 12/17/2013
604. No Single-Hood Does Go For Good 12/16/2013
605. A Lady So Fickle 12/16/2013
606. Come Only If 12/16/2013
607. Escapism 12/16/2013
608. Take Melons By Gallons 12/16/2013
609. Music Was Born When Man Was 12/16/2013
610. The Soul When Sinks… 12/16/2013
611. The Soundings Of A Soul 12/16/2013
612. I Can’t Repay Thy Debt 12/16/2013
613. Arbudanchal In Spring 12/16/2013
614. The Key To Success 12/16/2013
615. Let Me In My Own Orbit Drift 12/16/2013
616. Death Is A Slow Crawl 12/15/2013
617. Virtue And Vice 12/15/2013
618. Old Age 12/15/2013
619. Survival 12/15/2013
620. Dilemma Of The Day 12/15/2013
621. Life Lived Fullest 12/15/2013
622. Life’s Like Looking Up An Old Friend 12/15/2013
623. Love Is Not Clasping Love 12/13/2013
624. A Blouse That Wows 12/14/2013
625. Nilgiri1 Hills 12/13/2013
626. Cows And Cattle 12/13/2013
627. Humour’s Not For Half-Wits 12/13/2013
628. On Parole 12/13/2013
629. Humour’s A Pressure Cooker Valve 12/13/2013
630. Our Date With Time 12/13/2013
631. Musings Of An Old Age 12/13/2013
632. Greeding Vultures In My Head 12/13/2013
633. Let A Good Garden Flourish 12/13/2013
634. Would It Rain, O Wise One 11/29/2013
635. If I Were A Mother 11/29/2013
636. Changing Times 11/29/2013
637. A Temple In Aid Of Aids 11/29/2013
638. Death Is My Friend 11/29/2013
639. The Indian Soft Know-How 11/29/2013
640. He Saw Real Me In Me 11/29/2013

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Best Poem of Aniruddha Pathak

Summer Solstice

Summer solstice again, sun at its bright,
At summit making longest day of light,
A lover’s date lingering till late night,
Leaving far behind looming wintry plight.

To us Indians blest with abundant sun,
Where summer’s a lasting boon from heaven,
Solstice of either kind is passing fun,
Nor longest day means a rare fortune won.

Nor is mild winter a melancholy
Of Polar lands that ever pallid be,
In summer do we head to climes hilly.
And seek cool lagoons, a lily at sea.

Nature would want men from plenitude draw the least,
And from less...

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Clouds: Let Us Rain

Season it is of rain, let’s rain,
Reason too to rain, let us rain.
Be it an ocean of dry, white sands,
Of water waves, surfs, bubbles, wet sands,
Our duty ‘tis to rain, let’s rain.
It’s not our nature to lie lain
At one place, let us move and rain,
We have no me nor have mine,
We choose dwelling, nor terrain.

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