Aniruddha Pathak

Rookie - 289 Points (25.05.1941 / Godhra - Gujarat)

Aniruddha Pathak Poems

681. Love Blossoms From A Loving Breast 11/29/2013
682. The Young With A Lung 11/29/2013
683. When Justice Looks An Aged Bride 11/29/2013
684. In Search Of Dignity 12/19/2012
685. Opportunity 12/13/2013
686. Creation Comes At A Cost 12/13/2013
687. Like A Dewdrop 12/13/2013
688. I Saw A Bird 12/13/2013
689. Time, Then And Now 12/14/2013
690. Let Me Learn And Unlearn 12/15/2013
691. Assent And Consent 12/15/2013
692. If This World Were Not Such A Suck 12/15/2013
693. To Give Wishes Words 12/16/2013
694. The Two Siblings 12/16/2013
695. Sabbath 12/16/2013
696. Temple Times 12/17/2013
697. The Guiding Spirit 12/17/2013
698. And I Am Searching You E’er Since 12/21/2013
699. My Love Is Silent Song 12/21/2013
700. The Silent Lips Of Love Scarce Lie 12/21/2013
701. To Boost My Sagging Image 12/22/2013
702. Destiny 12/23/2013
703. Choose Your Time And Space 12/27/2013
704. Thou Art The Sole One 12/27/2013
705. My Mind’s Endless Chatter 12/27/2013
706. The Secret Of Thy Smile 12/23/2013
707. Analyse, Analyse 12/27/2013
708. Death Comes To Call Every Day 12/27/2013
709. Two Birds Of The Same Nest 12/27/2013
710. Smiths And Managers 12/27/2013
711. Happy Despite It All 12/28/2013
712. The World’s Not On Autopilot 12/28/2013
713. Life Is But A Beginning 12/28/2013
714. To Be Human Is To Err 12/28/2013
715. Let Me Run No Faster 12/28/2013
716. Climbing Up 12/28/2013
717. A Fool Cast Set In Heedless Mind 12/29/2013
718. The Tax We Call Sex 12/29/2013
719. Enlightenment In Vain 12/29/2013
720. Come To Judgement, Milord 12/29/2013
Best Poem of Aniruddha Pathak

The Joy Of Giving

Be it no more than a glass of water,
A living walking stick played by daughter,
Care and concern, warm smile, none too hotter;

Or quality time spent with someone old,
Blanket’s warm fold in times forlorn and cold,
In times of need a ready shoulder-hold;

A pair of sleepers to feet walking bare,
Not in loud charity to show you care,
Heart-born feelings when show above false air.

Anything given short of counting ways,
Given to brighten up needy heart’s greys,
To lighten load that too heavily weighs.

Give it ...

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Footprints Upon My Sands

Man as in poor image of God is made,
His footprints of acts scarce to my heart reach;
History may have recorded his work,
I need no such printed prints him to know.
I can hear and feel him walking ‘pon me;
Let me wait till that wave rises from sea
Erasing wrinkles off my body’s skin;
And if that tide, always a ready friend,
Whilst receding back to the heart of sea,

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