Aniruddha Pathak

Freshman - 822 Points [Anirpath] (25.05.1941 / Godhra - Gujarat)

Aniruddha Pathak Poems

681. The Poem And Her Poet 10/17/2012
682. To My Guru Of Great Girth 10/17/2012
683. Beauty 9/30/2012
684. Chaster Are We Than Thou 9/23/2012
685. License To Bite 9/23/2012
686. The Ship Sank In, Not Captain's Quote 9/23/2012
687. Lonely Hearts 8/23/2012
688. I Am Happy As I'M 8/20/2012
689. Clouds: Let Us Rain 8/20/2012
690. Footprints Upon My Sands 8/20/2012
691. Life And Death 9/23/2012
692. Evil Ways Are Nine 9/30/2012
693. Let Me Steal Time 10/17/2012
694. We And All Else 10/19/2012
695. Save Me O Lord From All This Change 10/25/2012
696. O Singer Of The Epic War History 10/27/2012
697. Buttons Be What I Like, Scarce Fasteners 10/28/2012
698. Lal Ded 10/28/2012
699. Lit-Fests, Pit-Fests, Spat-Fests 11/18/2012
700. Mercy Killing, A Bird Born Of Ethics 11/18/2012
701. Hope Is A Bird Wordless That Sings 12/18/2012
702. The Lokpal Can'T Please Them All 11/18/2012
703. O Saturn Of Stern Face 11/26/2013
704. Death, Come; No Time’s Too Soon 11/28/2013
705. Love Blossoms From A Loving Breast 11/29/2013
706. The Young With A Lung 11/29/2013
707. When Justice Looks An Aged Bride 11/29/2013
708. In Search Of Dignity 12/19/2012
709. Opportunity 12/13/2013
710. Creation Comes At A Cost 12/13/2013
711. Like A Dewdrop 12/13/2013
712. I Saw A Bird 12/13/2013
713. Time, Then And Now 12/14/2013
714. Let Me Learn And Unlearn 12/15/2013
715. Assent And Consent 12/15/2013
716. If This World Were Not Such A Suck 12/15/2013
717. To Give Wishes Words 12/16/2013
718. The Two Siblings 12/16/2013
719. Sabbath 12/16/2013
720. Temple Times 12/17/2013

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Best Poem of Aniruddha Pathak

When He Left

Left leaving dollar dreams still unsigned,
Inscrutable a smile well behind,
His soldiers staying put,
With arms and army boot,
Borders still disputed, ill defined.
And yet, the expected hundred billion dollars were nowhere.
The pressure on the borders was especially mounted, and no
talks on settlement. What earlier was 100 billion dollars has
now shrunk to twenty over five years, all pledged and loosely
promised and subject to conditions galore. He left leaving
us guessing and on tenterhooks, gulf at...

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Cooking Up Budgets

The halwa1 cooked we hope is sweeter made,
Flavoured with sops and served with a straight face,
That, our household hisaab2, now inflated,
At last may recover its long lost grace;
The budget-cooks, (many that the broth spoil) ,
And oft hard-placed any sweetness to find,
Try as they hard, end up with over boil,
O to pass off ripe fruit with bitter rind.
The top chef when comes with his witty lines,

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