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41. This Much I Sure Can 10/17/2012
42. The Room Was Filled With Gloom 10/19/2012
43. My Wish When Died Once Again 10/19/2012
44. In Seeking, You Sought No Deliverance 10/25/2012
45. As All Waves In Water Vanish 10/25/2012
46. Hello Winter 10/25/2012
47. In Death Equal Made 10/25/2012
48. Journey Is All 10/25/2012
49. My Epithets 10/25/2012
50. The Dilemma 10/25/2012
51. Fair Or Unfair, Life's There 10/25/2012
52. The World Like A Cookie Jar Is 10/25/2012
53. To Be Happy Is Not To Be 10/25/2012
54. Poetic Tips 10/27/2012
55. Techno-Inventions 10/27/2012
56. Dollar Dreams And World Weariness 10/27/2012
57. To Love Is To Give 10/27/2012
58. The Twain Of Paths Trodden By Men 10/27/2012
59. Why My Thoughts Go To Fruits Still 10/28/2012
60. Moments Melt Ere We Know 10/28/2012
61. Change Immortal Is, Mortal What Has Changed 10/28/2012
62. Pleased Are We When It Pours 10/28/2012
63. Ishaa-Vaasyam1 10/28/2012
64. The March Of Time 10/28/2012
65. Fame 10/28/2012
66. Two Hearts When Beat As One… 10/28/2012
67. A Date With Ducks 10/28/2012
68. Canis Major Is My Saptarshi 10/28/2012
69. Missing You, O Nilgiri Hills 10/28/2012
70. Joy Of Life Its Own Measure Is 10/28/2012
71. Stirrings Of The Soul 10/28/2012
72. A Pot Of Nectar Was When Woman's Womb 10/28/2012
73. When Heart Conspires With Head 10/28/2012
74. While Lilacs Still Wither 10/28/2012
75. In A Beauteous Monsoon Eve 10/28/2012
76. A Lunch Box That Lost Innocence 10/28/2012
77. The Grey Routine 10/28/2012
78. Do Stick To Thine Root 10/28/2012
79. Poetry: What Is, What Is Not 10/28/2012
80. The Spring Ardent Does Call 10/28/2012

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The Joy Of Giving

Be it no more than a glass of water,
A living walking stick played by daughter,
Care and concern, warm smile, none too hotter;

Or quality time spent with someone old,
Blanket’s warm fold in times forlorn and cold,
In times of need a ready shoulder-hold;

A pair of sleepers to feet walking bare,
Not in loud charity to show you care,
Heart-born feelings when show above false air.

Anything given short of counting ways,
Given to brighten up needy heart’s greys,
To lighten load that too heavily weighs.

Give it ...

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Clouds: Let Us Rain

Season it is of rain, let’s rain,
Reason too to rain, let us rain.
Be it an ocean of dry, white sands,
Of water waves, surfs, bubbles, wet sands,
Our duty ‘tis to rain, let’s rain.
It’s not our nature to lie lain
At one place, let us move and rain,
We have no me nor have mine,
We choose dwelling, nor terrain.

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