Aniruddha Pathak

Freshman - 843 Points [Anirpath] (25.05.1941 / Godhra - Gujarat)

Aniruddha Pathak Poems

121. All Plumbers And Politicians 1/5/2013
122. Will He Return What He Received? 1/5/2013
123. My Frost Heart Dreaming Of Far Spring 1/5/2013
124. The Santa Sans Festive Gears 1/5/2013
125. Karmic Tax 11/25/2013
126. Inflation 11/25/2013
127. The Same Seems Every Search For Meaning 1/5/2013
128. Should The Bane Of All Joys Be Blasé! 1/5/2013
129. All Package, No Product 1/5/2013
130. Himself The Light 1/5/2013
131. Time To Speak Out 11/25/2013
132. All Don’ts Into Do’s 11/26/2013
133. Ode To Old Virtues 11/26/2013
134. Not Independence, Give Me Freedom 11/26/2013
135. How Brevity Binds My Spirit To Lift 11/26/2013
136. O To Sing My Own Song 11/26/2013
137. Slap Care 11/26/2013
138. Man Alone His Own Kind Slays 11/26/2013
139. The Lokpal Can’t Please Them All 11/27/2013
140. Man’s Immortal For He Dies 11/28/2013
141. Saffron, But Give Me Red! 11/28/2013
142. Only When 11/29/2013
143. Getting Inspired A Way To Excel 11/29/2013
144. An Early Dawn’s Dream 11/29/2013
145. But For My Drooping Chin 11/29/2013
146. No Pen Likes Doggerels To Pen 11/29/2013
147. The River Of Life 11/29/2013
148. Beyond Searching And Seeking 11/29/2013
149. Wisdom Of The White Wigs 11/29/2013
150. The Dollar Debt Spiral 11/29/2013
151. Will She Or Not 11/29/2013
152. God Is A Forest 11/29/2013
153. Remembering My Father, And My Son’s 11/29/2013
154. Motherhood When Triumphs O’er Beast Of Prey 11/29/2013
155. The Gurus Of All Seasons 11/29/2013
156. Remains Shall A Calcifying Shell 11/29/2013
157. Too Callous, Man’s Crocodile Skin 11/29/2013
158. O To Enjoy The Duel Of Duals 11/29/2013
159. Life Is A Stage 11/29/2013
160. The Twain Called Scare And Courage 11/29/2013

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Best Poem of Aniruddha Pathak

There Are Books And Books, But

A book loud and loose if not lusty,
Read and re-read to the last page,
Dog-eared oft gets but scarce dusty,
And dies of torn limbs ere her age!

While a tome beautifully bound,
Decorated wall-hanging wisdom
Like sword and armour of a kingdom,
Dies treasured a tall bookcase bound.

Or may long live not a page turned,
To die unread of ripe old age,
Or by next generation earned,
Yellowed, book-worms devoured in rage!

There’s a thing common— books or men,
But a few significant can.

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Lonely Hearts

No Fathers’ Day card e’er failed to arrive,
Nor yet a sterile call on Mothers’ Day;
A family album on a lean day
Kept deserted memories still alive,
As did the once-in-a-blue-moon visits
That waned thinner as every season changed.

The Spartan flat, once modestly crowded,
Looked more spacious now than it ever was,

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