Aniruddha Pathak

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Aniruddha Pathak Poems

161. Medical Mercy To Cure Sibling Cancer 11/29/2013
162. Seek Not And Ye Shall Be 11/29/2013
163. When Fragrance Smiled Like Flower 11/29/2013
164. Ocean Of Ife 11/29/2013
165. We Take What We Can 11/29/2013
166. Neighbours 12/13/2013
167. Worrying 12/13/2013
168. This World 12/13/2013
169. And I Saw My Friends Return 12/13/2013
170. The Bitterest Tears On Graves Shed… 12/13/2013
171. To Doff The Hat I Wear 12/13/2013
172. The Monsoon Dance 12/13/2013
173. United Myopia 12/13/2013
174. Feedback Is Often Pain 12/13/2013
175. When Night Was Night No More 12/13/2013
176. Solitude 12/13/2013
177. The World Of Make-Believe! 12/13/2013
178. Facts And Fiction—a Bouquet 12/13/2013
179. When I Look To See 12/13/2013
180. The Lost Mahatma 12/13/2013
181. A Man Learned 12/13/2013
182. Looking For A Cause 12/13/2013
183. Recipe For Disaster 12/13/2013
184. Human It Is To Humour 12/13/2013
185. Meagre Time To Mend Ways 12/13/2013
186. If I 12/13/2013
187. O Dappled One 12/13/2013
188. And Buddy Came From Butty 12/13/2013
189. Ready To Reveal, Not Yet Still 12/13/2013
190. The Midnight’s Baby 12/13/2013
191. A Child Three-Way Styled 12/13/2013
192. One Bow Was Keen, One Unseen 12/14/2013
193. My Mind’s Closed Gate 12/14/2013
194. Religion And Love 12/14/2013
195. Woody Putts: A Bouquet 12/14/2013
196. Veda And Voyeur 12/13/2013
197. When Trivial No Inconsequential Was 12/13/2013
198. Religion And Doubt 12/14/2013
199. Prisoner Is The Mind 12/13/2013
200. Humour 12/14/2013

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The Murder Most Foul

The meanest murder minus of machete,
Overwhelming greed blamed, sole bleeding knife;
Who held the knife? Manic men of market?
Fair lady herself—too much freedom rife?
To save her skin she this defence did make:
Infidels do breed their own tragic ends—
Oft making markets seem a sad mistake;
But here she used her own barest of hands.

No darling; not in fear, ye died of hate,
In greed of growth I guess, guilt-edged progress,
And yet, ere ye fall to thine destined fate,
I blame less Lady Greed, more her excess.
If bleed ye must ye shall bleed ...

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Clouds: Let Us Rain

Season it is of rain, let’s rain,
Reason too to rain, let us rain.
Be it an ocean of dry, white sands,
Of water waves, surfs, bubbles, wet sands,
Our duty ‘tis to rain, let’s rain.
It’s not our nature to lie lain
At one place, let us move and rain,
We have no me nor have mine,
We choose dwelling, nor terrain.

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