Aniruddha Pathak

Freshman - 822 Points [Anirpath] (25.05.1941 / Godhra - Gujarat)

Aniruddha Pathak Poems

201. Life And Death –two Poles 12/15/2013
202. A Setting Sun When Upsets Me 12/15/2013
203. How Not To Be Afraid Of Death 12/15/2013
204. In Death When I Depart 12/15/2013
205. The Art Of Embracing Death 12/15/2013
206. A Whack Is Not A Pat On Back 12/15/2013
207. Breads Baked In Love 12/15/2013
208. Beauty— More Felt Than Seen 12/15/2013
209. Mother Earth 12/15/2013
210. The Nightingale One Early Dawn 12/15/2013
211. Give Me A Needle And No More 12/16/2013
212. Spirit Of Law, Not Legal Merit 12/16/2013
213. The Caste Ladder When Turned Upside Down 12/16/2013
214. Being 12/16/2013
215. Be Good To Your Own Self 12/16/2013
216. Mirror: Massaging Man’s Ego 12/16/2013
217. Why Worry 12/16/2013
218. The Mind When Forgets 12/16/2013
219. I Am Not What You See 12/16/2013
220. A Beast Of Heart 12/16/2013
221. Seduction Of A Single Drink 12/16/2013
222. Ants: Not Industry, Altruism 12/16/2013
223. And Colder Felt The Nightly Chill 12/16/2013
224. One Endless Search 12/16/2013
225. Born Too Late For Today’s Times 12/16/2013
226. Justice For Generation Next 12/16/2013
227. If Ye Cannot A Caterpillar Be 12/16/2013
228. A Poet Is A Painter 12/16/2013
229. The Dying Moment Declares… 12/16/2013
230. Motherhood 12/17/2013
231. Solitude Of The Silver Age 12/17/2013
232. The Evening Star 12/17/2013
233. Forty Miles In Happy Smiles 12/17/2013
234. Euthanasia 12/17/2013
235. Amos 12/17/2013
236. Remembering You 12/17/2013
237. Canine Kiss Of Caution 12/17/2013
238. Life Is Long Search, No Resting Perch 12/17/2013
239. We Too Aught Go 12/17/2013
240. Those Two Tender Eyes 12/17/2013

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Best Poem of Aniruddha Pathak

The Spirit Of Sports

Sports no more let the air breathe light,
Nor make laughter look somewhat bright,
No more do sports entertain right,
May be the spirit is laid
Low, if not deeply buried and dead
In debris called commerce and trade.

When winners win and take it all,
While losers lose face and look small,
Forgetting there’s spirit in losing too,
In learning lessons all anew,
But business end of sports brighter does glow,
And spirit of sports smoulders buried low.

Motivation there ever is to win,
Most have it hid in hearts’ within,
But rare comes a man ...

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Birth Of Death

Narrate shall I now how Death came ‘pon Earth,
Said Vyasa to Yudhishthir so shattered
By Abhimanyu’s death he wished to die,
‘Shame on me, a young dream now lies scattered’.

A story ‘tis of gilded Golden Age,
Of king Akampan that had lost his all
In war, lost a dear son1 that fought battles
Brave in a losing cause at costs too tall.

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