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321. I Marvel How Touch… 12/27/2013
322. The Saga Of Life 12/27/2013
323. Life Is A Large Canvas Of Art 12/27/2013
324. That’s To Have Lived 12/27/2013
325. I Know, I Know This Truth 12/27/2013
326. Why’s An Owl Taken To Be Wise? 12/27/2013
327. A Beggar Boy 12/27/2013
328. Lonely To Create 12/27/2013
329. Waiting For A Bull’s Eye 12/27/2013
330. Smile 12/27/2013
331. Life’s Lovely Perch 12/27/2013
332. For A Spoonful Of Stardust 12/28/2013
333. It Is Faith That Logic Bends 12/28/2013
334. The Fourteenth Feb 12/28/2013
335. Unlearn Ere Ye Learn 12/28/2013
336. Faith 12/28/2013
337. Justice 12/28/2013
338. Happiness Is Shy 12/28/2013
339. Statesman 12/28/2013
340. In The Name Of Lord 12/28/2013
341. Love, But Leave Space 12/28/2013
342. I Find Me Still Farming My Fields Of Yore 12/28/2013
343. Thy Mind Is The Mother 12/28/2013
344. Be Thou A Butterfly 12/28/2013
345. Detachment 12/28/2013
346. Smile – Not A Solitary Isle 12/28/2013
347. Fate 12/28/2013
348. Heaven Has An Uncanny Reason 12/27/2013
349. Beware Of Gigo 12/27/2013
350. Oneness 12/28/2013
351. Joy And Sorrows 12/28/2013
352. Man Alas Knows Him Not 12/28/2013
353. The World Is Not Vain 12/28/2013
354. To Follow With The Flow 12/28/2013
355. In Search Of A Quiet Place 12/28/2013
356. Charity 12/28/2013
357. Kaavya1 And Her Book Of Innocence 12/28/2013
358. Six Feet Under 12/28/2013
359. Man Mortal 12/28/2013
360. I’m Not Perfect 12/28/2013

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The Joy Of Giving

Be it no more than a glass of water,
A living walking stick played by daughter,
Care and concern, warm smile, none too hotter;

Or quality time spent with someone old,
Blanket’s warm fold in times forlorn and cold,
In times of need a ready shoulder-hold;

A pair of sleepers to feet walking bare,
Not in loud charity to show you care,
Heart-born feelings when show above false air.

Anything given short of counting ways,
Given to brighten up needy heart’s greys,
To lighten load that too heavily weighs.

Give it ...

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Birth Of Death

Narrate shall I now how Death came ‘pon Earth,
Said Vyasa to Yudhishthir so shattered
By Abhimanyu’s death he wished to die,
‘Shame on me, a young dream now lies scattered’.

A story ‘tis of gilded Golden Age,
Of king Akampan that had lost his all
In war, lost a dear son1 that fought battles
Brave in a losing cause at costs too tall.

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