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anisha Kolencherry Poems

1. Help Me To Come To You 9/11/2015
2. You Are So Glorious And Great. 9/19/2015
3. Divinity Is Giving Light 9/19/2015
4. You Are The Almighty. 9/24/2015
5. Christ Is Coming To Me 5/8/2016
6. Vishudhan (Indian Film) 6/2/2016
7. Mother Is A Wonder On Earth 5/14/2016
8. Death Is A Great Sacrifice 6/2/2016
9. Spirit Of Love. 5/14/2016
10. Prayer To The Spirit 5/14/2016
11. A New Heaven And A New Earth 6/5/2016
12. I Saw An Angel. 10/2/2015
13. God Unites Us In Harmony. 9/24/2015
14. I Find You In Light 9/24/2015
15. O Divine, O, All Powerful, 9/24/2015
16. Wonderful Moment Is A Divine Plan 9/19/2015
17. In The World Of Darkness 9/20/2015
18. Forget The Past 9/19/2015
19. Light Which Clears The Darkness 9/20/2015
20. A Nurse Of The Day 5/14/2016
21. Innocence Of A Child 6/2/2016
22. The Divine Gift Of Faithfullness. 6/2/2016
23. Catch Of The Day 6/8/2016
24. Prayer 9/19/2015
25. Come, Take Possession Of Me. 9/25/2015
26. I Need You 9/11/2015
27. My Longing For God 9/6/2015
28. Lead Me O My God. 9/18/2015
29. Life Gives Hope 9/21/2015
30. The Warmth Of Love 9/6/2015
31. In Search Of You My God. 9/18/2015

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Best Poem of anisha Kolencherry

In Search Of You My God.

I sang songs of love
in search of you my God.

Singing i came down to the wilderness.

Nothing was clear.
Everything was vague.

I saw through a thin shroud.

You are there in wide open place.

This place seems never ending.
long and wide in the wilderness.

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I Need You

Help me to come to you.
Hold me, give me your hand.
Look at me.
Without your help nothing can be done.
Without your help i can not step up

There are no steps.
I am in the air,
flying like birds, butterflies,

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