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trapped or rather confined
the world has me redefined.
a name I've never known
tells me I'm the way shown.

I can hear the water gurgling in the tank
and me walking on damp sand.

The dawn is a bit gloomier today;


Under the twinkling stars I stargaze
As you join me you start to smile
Far away we can see the cattle graze
‘When, ' you continue to ask all the while

Let us use straw to make gold
and stone to carve diamond rings
Your tears to form crystals
and our misery to brew priceless wine.

Imma make it rain
I'll probably wash off all the pain
they say water's life
that's what I need right now


To my favorite shade of blue
no other sadness in the world would do.
Come rain come pain
your love will never be received in vain.

The words, they just come out
whether they're from within or from without.
They are never planned nor pre-prepared
but they do enjoy to be shared.

staring out an open window
a smile enough to brighten my day
eyeshadow too much to cover my scars
tears to little to overcome seas of love

it's so cold as the sage speak tales of old
they sound so merry as they talk of the fairy
at least they belong, why not play along
to this wonderful tune and read an ancient rune?


follow the water, hunter's man
follow the sea, woman's man
follow your heart, lovers of grand
follow the ocean, sage so dead

it's raining, it's raining
the old man is snoring
he bumped his head so he never woke up
so he never woke up in the morning

leave me to be part of the never
a place of no hope and understanding
no lights and colored candy

Old uncle Cain, I knowed him well
He told me bout the lands he'd dwell
he told me bout his brother Abel
who he thought God but him higher than Babel.

Of brothers and sisters, a mother gave love of passion and choices in the grave.
Then she, the sisters, pushed brothers away
When really, she wanted them to stay.

Of fathers and daughters
A secret stole fires upon fires and within coal
And daughters who write within the lines
Of fathers who cannot pay memory fines.

So, you complain about being alone

Sometimes, others don't make you feel lonely
You just make yourself alone

Softer sounds visit us tonight
and your eyes illuminate the skies of bright.

Gone away,

While I'm still blue
I'll write this poem dedicated to you
While my face is still angry red
I'm at the wake but to me, you're dead

he said life there never existed
the silver glint in those moonlit eyes
I knew he was dead even before he started living

I've written enough stories for a lifetime
read enough poems for the day
looked at too many pictures to know you're perfect
read enough letters to know you are neither sane

Anisha Nyambe Biography

I am only a teenager with a keen eye for poetry. My hobbies are writing stories, fairy tales and poetry. I find writing poetry a way of expressing ones self and, if possible, creating ones own infinite dimension of possibility My poems are usually based on past incidents of my life. My life has been filled with awkward tragedies that don't allow me to express my feelings openly with my family members or with anyone rather. So, I disguise my emotions using poetry. When people read my poetry, for example a love poem, they'll think I've written about a boyfriend (which I've never had) when really the poem is about something else...)

The Best Poem Of Anisha Nyambe

Confined In Mind

trapped or rather confined
the world has me redefined.
a name I've never known
tells me I'm the way shown.
the cries, they say the same
and they talk of evil's game.
the world, it sees me through
steel, iron and skimpy glue.
trapped in a place only I would find,
this place is called my mind.
speak of devils and horses alike
a frosty storm on a perfect hike.
and the world has me trapped within
the ageless next of kin.
so the others eye to eye
will blindly watch the martyrs die.
the world has me redefined
a a person in minds confined.

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Anisha Nyambe Quotes

'When in love, don't go for war and when at war, don't hold your loved ones too closely.'

putting your phone away and listening to those talking to you. there's an app for that. it's called respect.

a coincidence is just a coincidence. two is a clue. three are proof.

'and it's seldom to hear that two eyes see the same...seldomly'

'death, such a common word; life, such a rare opportunity; grey is somehow always in between, '

'in a time of universal deceit, I find that telling the truth is a revolutionary act' words of George Orwell

'love is just a game; charm is deceitful; beauty has a shelf life.'

'a sensible woman can never be happy with a fool' words of George Washington

'WHY-When Ours Yearn'

there's a halo over your head. leap, jump, your horizon is still a thousand miles away. skip if you can, the halo is still moonlit and you, my dear, will never fade away.

'we determine our deeds as much as our deed determine us'

you've never really been good with words nor reading aloud. but when it's all in your head, it suddenly makes sense

empathy is the strongest emotion

talent is not inherited

insanity is genetic. you inherit it from your kids.

not each birthday is as bad as it seems. they remind me that I'm a year closer to death's cold embrace

something eerie about today's morning sends to me a message once unread. but no one can really be so sure. I have a feeling so peculiar that this pain might not be for evermore.

regrets, I've had a few. but yet again, too few to mention.

every girl needs her father

out of desperation comes invention

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