Anita Atina

Biography of Anita Atina

My poetry seeks clarity, hope and humour.

On some days, a poem is ‘given’ and what a wonderful feeling it is to receive.

That joy grows as I share this precious gift with fellow poets who know what it takes to write poetry that makes us, the poet, happy.

I am an imperfect poet and choose to convey feelings, and the many discoveries of our life’s journey, with clarity rather than over-compliance to form.

My output is, of course, subjective. I love hearing responses to it both sympathetic and contrary, for this is the nature of art.

Thank you for reading, and perhaps commenting, on my work. Updates


There comes a time,

When two hearts separated, must meet.

To look into each others eyes and renew their vows to keep.

And this heart waits for when,

That wonderful day might be.

For otherwise, loneliness holds sway.

And my heart aches to grasp the warmth,

Thy heart holds for me.

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