Anjalee Rukshna Waidyasekera

Rookie (03.11.1986 / Colombo)

Biography of Anjalee Rukshna Waidyasekera

Anjalee Rukshna Waidyasekera poet

I'm 19 years and studied in Visakha Vidyalaya Colombo.
I have no brothers or sisters.I am a great lover of literature and nature. All my dream is to spend my life time with natural beauty, poems, books, animals and unliving things. I have no affection for humans due to their commercialized attitudes.But I always respect people who are kind, literal and having a beautiful mind. I love all Shakespeare's charachters like Macbeth, Hamlet and Othello.My favourite writers are Dostrovsky, Shakespeare, R.K.Narayan, James Joyce...etc. I have no friends as I do not want to have any friend in my life. I love my parents alot and my pets at home too. I want to spend my life in a very calm and silent way where even another man wont feel the noise of my foot steps. I think alot and I realize evrything that I do and I see. Ultimately I understand that Man is the master of his own destiny. No one will help me no one will wipe my tears when I cry. So what is the use of keeping trust on these human beings. So the only person I trust in this world is me. I love myself a lot. I believe in ghosts and all the unseen powres. I believe in spiritual love and I always try to be the best for me. I want to be away from people and I suppose they are blind with money, property, work, and desires. I'm a happy one, because I know that I'm always there for me. And I want others to know that I only care for people who are really true and kind. Updates

Will You Ever Come Back?

Do you remember the day
you let me down and said you don't love me
Do you remember how i cried
and held your hand tight

Now the days pass away and I see
only tears and pains around my side
I die with past and live with past
where my life was begun and end

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