Anjali Mandokhot

Biography of Anjali Mandokhot

poems are my best friends....
I am an electronics and communication engineer,
worked for tcs for a while
and now i am associated with Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited....I ave always been in love with poetry...its been a part of my existence
..further i love nature and personification is something i enjoy most....i see them all alive, full of life and emotions jus like me.....i luv to capture their beauty in photographs...and words...

i ave found friends in poetry....i express myself thru it....'solitary reaper' is a poem dat touches me d most, for like me, she sings in her own world oblivious of d world around....''a fairytale' written by me sums up my comraderie with poetry......i love to read others poems too.
they give me the solace that i find nowhere.... Updates

Invincible Depths

Its not always trekking up,
Even treading down is thrilling.
Its not always the height that appeals,
Depths have their own charms.

Braving that force of earth is daring
But living at the mercy of it... even more courageous,
So if you wonderin at that sky kissing mountain,
This astounding waterfall stupefies me

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