24 October 2020

'The superior thing is not at all a matter of worry for the great artist, but the inferior thing is a matter of real concern for him, as the eminent artist always knows he has to depict the inferior as the superior.'

24 October 2020

'Sometimes I cry in extreme pain and agony, sometimes I smile in great joy and Pleasure, then at the end of the day I depict everything and find myself a successful man.'

24 October 2020

'As I see the little thing, it looks very simple, but in reality its essence is very profound.'

24 December 2020

I see the beautiful sky in amazement, but I want to see the most beautiful sky beyond it. That's why I write poetry with great energy and enthusiasm.

30 December 2020

Read something new, think something new, write something new, then this world will be yours.

10 January 2021

Beauty tries to flee from me, but it does not succeed, as my pure and refined soul is strictly glued to it.

15 February 2021

It's beautiful when I see it, it's beautiful when I don't see it, beauty is the only identity of its great soul.

16 April 2021

One bright candle can illuminate the entire world.

16 April 2021

The young bard tries hard to depict the grandeur of the bright sun, but his pen always flees from him because the brilliant sun is mightier than his inexperienced pen.

05 June 2021

It's good for me, it's good for thee and it's good for everybody; but then suddenly I see a little crack in it. This destroys everything as we become empty and desolate once again.