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Hello My Name Is Ankoku Gekido, Now as most of you probably know that isnt my real name its a name some friends came up with. Ankoku means Darkness in Kanji and well Im known for my darkness, and Gekido means Wrath and in my group of the seven deadly sins I am Wrath so that is how I got my name and that is all you guys need to know about me.

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Ankoku Gekido's Works:

I dont have any yet but Im working on it. Updates

Why Wont You See?

Why wont you see me?
Why is it you say you want to help,
That you want to see the real me.
Yet when I try to show you, you push me away?
Why do you do this to me.
Why do you say you want to take my pain away.
That you want to make me happy.
Yet you hurt me repeatedly.
I don’t know what to do anymore

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