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1. Five 'W's (And One H) . 1/1/2011
2. Psychotherapy 1/3/2011
3. Fly East. 1/6/2011
4. Armchair Traveller 1/6/2011
5. Restlessness 1/14/2011
6. Awakening Of A Child 2/17/2011
7. Maiden's Madness 5/13/2011
8. Silent Longings 5/13/2011
9. To My Grandfather 6/2/2011
10. Emptiness 6/12/2011
11. The Heat Of The Moment 6/23/2011
12. Shattered 8/27/2011
13. Penitence 9/1/2011
14. Female Mantis 9/28/2011
15. Lost Will 3/4/2012
16. Still Life 12/28/2012
17. Feral 1/18/2013
18. Time To Heal 2/25/2011
19. Your Refuge 2/26/2011
20. Acceptance 1/3/2011
21. Dungeness 1/2/2011
22. The Cycle Of Seasons 3/10/2011
23. Survival Costs 1/6/2011
24. Absence Does Make The Heart Grow Fonder 8/5/2011
25. Mr Hypochondria 2/24/2011

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Mr Hypochondria

I went to see a Doctor,
He was a clever chap.
He listened, looked, examined,
Pulsated, poked and tapped.

He sat me on the couch,
And asked me lots of questions.
What did I think was wrong?
Had I any good suggestions.

I thought it over carefully,
Before I spoke out my replies,
And then I told him thoughtfully,
What was leading to my demise.

He nodded very sagely
Agreed I might be right,
But did not want me worrying,
Working myself into a fright.

Though I wasn't very well,
I also, wasn't very ill.
All my aches and ...

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Survival Costs

Tiger pads through the jungle
golden almond eyes
savage beauty in striped coat
one of few - survives.

Rhino wallows in mud bath
wrinkled black/grey eyes
bearer of rich ivory horn
one of few - survives.

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