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1. A Poem For The Cutter 4/25/2006
2. Chaos 5/24/2006
3. My Destruction 5/24/2006
4. Conformity? No Thanks. 5/24/2006
5. Defeated 5/24/2006
6. No Name. 5/24/2006
7. The End 5/24/2006
8. Death 5/24/2006
9. (in) Dependent 6/11/2006
10. Pretending 6/15/2006
11. Maybe 6/15/2006
12. Spiralling 3/14/2006
13. Make-Up 3/14/2006
14. Contradiction 3/14/2006
15. Withdrawal 3/14/2006
16. This Love.. 3/21/2006
17. Crashing 6/25/2006
18. Scatter-Brained 6/27/2006
19. Army Of The Willing 7/26/2006
20. Panic Attack 8/17/2006
21. Whore 9/2/2006
22. Destroyed 9/6/2006
23. Crash And Burn 4/9/2007
24. Once A Liar, Always A Liar 11/13/2006
25. Hello, Hello.. 3/21/2006
26. I Didn'T Ask For This 6/15/2006

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I Didn'T Ask For This

I didn’t ask for this
and I didn’t ask for your help.
I didn’t ask to be like this
and I won’t ask for your help.
It’s all turning into black
and slipping through my fingers.
My failures are everything,
my achievements have become nothing.
I am becoming who I was
and who I was is swallowing me whole.
I never asked you to help me
cause I never wanted you to get pulled into this.
I never questioned your motives,
only my own.
Don’t feel like you have to help,
and don’t you dare try to take my blame.
I did this.
I have to stop it.
I have to ...

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I'm spiralling away,
tripping into the sky,
flying into my mind, slipping into a darker lie.
i made myself this way.
i could have quit,
but i kept going,
kept failing,
kept trying,
and suddenly it's caught up with me.

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