Anna Hempstead Branch

(1875-1937 / United States)

Biography of Anna Hempstead Branch

Born at Hempstead House, New London, Conn. Graduated from Smith College in 1897 and from the American Academy of Dramatic Art, in New York City, in 1900. While at college she began writing poetry and the year after her graduation won the first prize offered by the `Century Magazine' for a poem written by a college graduate. This poem, "The Road 'Twixt Heaven and Hell", was printed in the `Century Magazine' for December, 1898, and was followed soon after by the publication of Miss Branch's first volume, "The Heart of the Road", 1901. She has since published two volumes, "The Shoes That Danced", 1902, and "Rose of the Wind", 1910, both marked by imagination and beauty of a high order. Updates

Grieve Not, Ladies

Oh, grieve not, Ladies, if at night
   Ye wake to feel your beauty going.
It was a web of frail delight,
   Inconstant as an April snowing.

In other eyes, in other lands,
   In deep fair pools, new beauty lingers,
But like spent water in your hands
   It runs from your reluctant fingers.

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