Anna Johnston MacManus

(1866-1902 / Ireland)

Biography of Anna Johnston MacManus

Anna Johnston MacManus (3 December 1866 – 21 April 1902) was an Irish writer and poet. She is best-known for the ballad Roddy McCorley and the Song of Ciabhán; the latter was set to music by Ivor Gurney.

She and Alice Milligan published two nationalist publications, The Northern Patriot and (later) The Shan Van Vocht, which was published from 1896 monthly until 1899.

Anna Johnston MacManus's Works:

* The Four Winds of Eirinn (1902) - poems
* The Passionate Hearts (1903) - poems
* In the Celtic Past (1904) - stories
* We Sang for Ireland: Poems of Ethna Carbery, Séamus MacManus, Alice Milligan (1950) - poetry Updates

A Gaelic’s Song

A murmurous tangle of voices,
Laughter to left and right,
We waited the curtain's rising,
In a dazing glare of light;
When down through the din came, slowly,
Softly, then clear and strong,
The mournful minor cadence
Of a sweet old Gaelic song.

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