Anna Laetitia Barbauld

(20 June 1743 – 9 March 1825 / Leicestershire, England)

Anna Laetitia Barbauld Poems

1. Octogenery Reflections 9/6/2010
2. To Miss R.: On Her Attendance On Her Mother At Buxton 9/6/2010
3. To Mr. Bowring 9/6/2010
4. To Mrs. Marissal 9/6/2010
5. To The Baron Destonne 9/6/2010
6. Verses On Mrs Rowe 9/6/2010
7. On The King's Illness 9/6/2010
8. Peace And Shepherd 9/6/2010
9. Praise To God 9/6/2010
10. In The Manner Of Spenser 9/6/2010
11. To The Baron Destonne, 9/6/2010
12. To Miss F. B.: On Her Asking For Mrs. B's Love And Time 9/6/2010
13. To Mr. Barbauld 9/6/2010
14. Where A Crowd Of Pilgrims Toil 9/6/2010
15. Prologue To A Drama 9/6/2010
16. Ovid To His Wife 9/6/2010
17. Ode To Remorse 9/6/2010
18. On The Backwardness Of The Spring 1771 9/6/2010
19. West End Fair 9/6/2010
20. To Mrs. P********, With Some Drawings Of Birds And Insects. 9/6/2010
21. To The Miss Websters 9/6/2010
22. To Mrs. A. 9/6/2010
23. Tormenting Cares 9/6/2010
24. On The Death Of Mrs. Martineau, Senr. 9/6/2010
25. The Wake Of The King Of Spain 9/6/2010
26. On A Portrait 9/6/2010
27. Hymn To Content 9/6/2010
28. Logogriph 9/6/2010
29. The Baby-House 9/6/2010
30. The Epiphany 9/6/2010
31. How Blest The Righteous When He Dies! 9/6/2010
32. Jehovah Reigns 9/6/2010
33. Written On A Marble 9/6/2010
34. Verses Written In An Alcove 9/6/2010
35. Lines 9/6/2010
36. Songs 9/6/2010
37. The Origin Of Song Writing 9/6/2010
38. To Love And Time 9/6/2010
39. To Miss T. 9/6/2010
40. Tomorrow 9/6/2010
Best Poem of Anna Laetitia Barbauld

A Summer Evening's Meditation

'TIS past! The sultry tyrant of the south
Has spent his short-liv'd rage; more grateful hours
Move silent on; the skies no more repel
The dazzled sight, but with mild maiden beams
Of temper'd light, invite the cherish'd eye
To wander o'er their sphere; where hung aloft
DIAN's bright crescent, like a silver bow
New strung in heaven, lifts high its beamy horns

Impatient for the night, and seems to push
Her brother down the sky. Fair VENUS shines
Even in the eye of day; with sweetest beam
Propitious shines, and shakes a trembling flood
Of soften'd radiance...

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An Autumnal Thought

'Tis past! we breathe! assuaged at length
The flames that drank our vital strength!
Smote with intolerable heat
No more our throbbing temples beat.
How clear the sky, how pure the air,
The heavens how bright, the earth how fair!
The bosom cool, the spirits light,
Active the day, and calm the night!

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