Anna Lucija

Rookie (09-08-84 / London, England)

Biography of Anna Lucija

I've always been passionate about art and have been creative since I can remember. I am currently studying illustration at university but am not convinced it's the right line of work for me - still searching for my vocation! Can imagine I'll always be searching! I used to write poetry and songs a lot as a child as a way of expressing myself and want to carry on with that. I've always wanted feedback on my work but have been too scared to let anyone I know read them for fear or over-exposing myself and showing my vunerability! So this site is a fantastic way of staying anomonous yet still getting feedback. Updates

Not Alone

My heart feels like an empty shell
Washed up from the sea

My mind feels like it's going mad
From trying to break free

And my tears seem like a thousand oceans
And they're drowning all the bliss

And my lips ache to be touched
By a true loves kiss

But I'm not alone

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