Anna Moriarty Lev

Biography of Anna Moriarty Lev

Born and bred by giant turtles in Southern Florida. Began writing poetry at age eleven when a band of storm troopers landed in our turtle bog and taught me their language and brought the gifts of democracy and moondust.

Anna Moriarty Lev's Works:

several co-written and pulished in Ms. Wagner's third grade class, including the delightlful hit, 'The Cow that wanted to fly' and the holiday classic caveman-themed 'Da Nite Befor Krismas.' Updates

You And Me

I remember your hands
holding mine in the car
as I sat in the seat behind you.
And how you kissed my cheek
at the end of the night.
It was warm between us.
You and me.
And I hope we haven't lost that
I hope we haven't become someting colder,

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