Anna Moriarty Lev

Biography of Anna Moriarty Lev

Born and bred by giant turtles in Southern Florida. Began writing poetry at age eleven when a band of storm troopers landed in our turtle bog and taught me their language and brought the gifts of democracy and moondust.

Anna Moriarty Lev's Works:

several co-written and pulished in Ms. Wagner's third grade class, including the delightlful hit, 'The Cow that wanted to fly' and the holiday classic caveman-themed 'Da Nite Befor Krismas.' Updates

Sad Trumpets

sad trumpets pronouncing
taking me to a place
i can only almost reach.
always wanting
my hand outstretched
and the sad soft trumpets
they call to me
and soon the sad trumpets
are gone.
they never were.
only the faded shadow
of a memory.