Annabel Lee

Biography of Annabel Lee

I am a girl who likes to read, and my love for writing I believe came from that at an early age.
I am the oldest of five children.
And I am homeschooled.
I have an always changing code of dress and my best color is green.
I have brownish green, 'hazel' eyes.
Oh yes, and I can sing too.
Writing of myself like this is a bit odd, so I am done. =)

Annabel Lee's Works:

[none] YET! Updates

Pride Before A Fall

Its done and you've lost, look how much pride has cost.
There's no light, nothings right.
There's no stregenth left, no fight.

And I feel all you can not show me, I see through the fake and phoney.
You want to know me now? How?
You won't.

Fear is your voice, loanliness is a choice.

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