Annabel Lee

Biography of Annabel Lee

I am a girl who likes to read, and my love for writing I believe came from that at an early age.
I am the oldest of five children.
And I am homeschooled.
I have an always changing code of dress and my best color is green.
I have brownish green, 'hazel' eyes.
Oh yes, and I can sing too.
Writing of myself like this is a bit odd, so I am done. =)

Annabel Lee's Works:

[none] YET! Updates

My Generations Heartache

The easy way out ends up harder most times and the fun that we seek ends up jaded and cheep. The pressure to fit in somewhere to take part and feel together, the stupid things we try that makes the ones who love us cry. We nurse our wounded pride and our scars we try to hide, when our innocence is gone and our childlike faith has died.
We cannot ttrust our brothers to lead us the way we should go, we can't even imagine a heart as white as snow. We doubt our God and Father, the Son and Holy

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