Annabel Lee

Biography of Annabel Lee

I am a girl who likes to read, and my love for writing I believe came from that at an early age.
I am the oldest of five children.
And I am homeschooled.
I have an always changing code of dress and my best color is green.
I have brownish green, 'hazel' eyes.
Oh yes, and I can sing too.
Writing of myself like this is a bit odd, so I am done. =)

Annabel Lee's Works:

[none] YET! Updates

Take Me Home

Take me home I'm all alone.
Waiting by this stupid phone.
If only, if only I could of known I'd say,
take me, take me home.

They say homes where the heart is and my hearts with you so when you're far away then my home is too, so.....
take me, take me home.

Take me home I'm all alone.

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