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1. 'Love' 11/11/2005
2. 'The Beat Goes On' 11/23/2005
3. 'Chrysanthemum' 11/14/2005
4. 'Lover' 11/23/2005
5. 'Pants' 11/23/2005
6. 'Contract And Expand' 12/21/2005
7. 'Today' 12/21/2005
8. 'I Never Knew' 12/21/2005
9. 'To Late' 2/11/2006
10. 'Why' 2/11/2006
11. 'Nature' 2/11/2006
12. 'I Try To Be' 3/7/2006
13. 'Chasm' 3/7/2006
14. Eternal Damnation 7/20/2007
15. 'Mare' 11/23/2005
16. 'Pony' 11/23/2005
17. 'That Girl In The Back.' 11/23/2005
18. 'Tigers' 11/14/2005
19. Best Friends 8/30/2007
20. A Failed Charade 12/22/2006
21. 'Starting Out' 2/14/2006
22. 'Destiny' 2/10/2006

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  • hfhtdfgdhgfgf hjjjjj (1/4/2007 3:24:00 PM)

    A have never thought of it that way before. It is almost sad

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It was my destiny to die,
and no matter how much you try,
it is everyones destiny to die,
no matter old or young,
death will break the needle on which you're life is strung,
death cares not that you're in love,
death will push you death will shove,
till you're life is on the edge,
then death the sealer of you're destiny,
will steal you're soul,
and let you be,
for it truly is our destiny,
no matter how hard it is to see,
to live to die to simply be.

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In the dark the tigers crauch,
and out of tierdness you slouch,
they advance,
they advance,
with a preditory stance.

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