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81. The Looking Glass Within 7/28/2018
82. Forgiveness 8/13/2018
83. Unspoken Words 1/17/2015
84. My Inspiration 11/6/2013
85. The Earth Awakes 3/14/2012
86. Cloud Watching 3/22/2011
87. Wise Owl 11/14/2011
88. Beacon Of Light 12/13/2012
89. Hurting And Hiding 2/20/2015
90. Guardian & Gate Keepers 5/28/2014
91. Spiritual Sister 12/1/2013
92. Heavy Heart 3/17/2016
93. The Light 11/10/2017
94. Healing Wind 9/17/2011
95. Mr. Crack 6/24/2011
96. Freight Train 9/18/2013
97. Deer Dreams 7/25/2009
98. Wolf Spirit 11/23/2011
99. 'Snow Day' 12/28/2011
100. Wandering Soul 10/17/2011
101. If I Could... 10/13/2011
102. Spiritual Journey 7/25/2009

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Spiritual Journey

Across from the mountains,
A little house sits in the tree's,
I'm lost in tranquility,
As my soul tries to breath.

White clouds moving slowly,
The breeze a calm still,
I'm caught in the moment,
As my heart starts to heal.

A piece of me,
In the startling blue sky,
As I spread my wings,
My soul starts to fly.

I fly to unknown places,
Where pain and hurt once dwelled,
As the memories flow pass me,
My eyes start to swell.

Tear drops drip slowly,
Down my cheeks,
The wind wipes them dry,
And gives me some ...

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Eagle Spirit

Running beyond the meadows,
To the thicket of forest grass,
The sun was shining high,
As the eagle flew pass.

Watching as he soared,
So high above the land,
I knew my life had meaning,
That there was a bigger plan.

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