Anne Carly Abad

Biography of Anne Carly Abad

ANNE CARLY ABAD recently earned an honorable mention from On The Premises'contest #20 for her story 'Haze.' Her work has appeared or will appear in the Cordite Poetry Review, Dreams & Nightmares, The International Poetry Review, The Transnational (formerly PostPoetry) , Star*Line and Strange Horizons. Find out more about her at http: //

Anne Carly Abad's Works:

EXIS gods, ghosts and battered cellphones (eBook, eTreasures Publishing) : http: // Updates

The Healing

Can you cure me of the sun
red, embracing and constant?

What of the horizon, distant,
balancing, doorway to the sky?

Can you cure me of the time
Mother taught me to blow bubbles?

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