Anne Dionisio

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Biography of Anne Dionisio

I am never conventional but I appreciate simpple things about life. Looking at my posts wont even tell you the real me but atleast you will become a part of it..a part of me who will never be satiated until i put down those inner thoughts into written word.

Anne Dionisio's Works:

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One Summer

Sluggishly staring at the sway of the trees right acroos the street, I stifled my yawn.. summertime gave me agreat deal of space in doing anything I wanted yet there came a point when I found it extremely boring. Most especially when he’s not around.

I stretched out my right arm outside the window, purposedly searching for the familiar spark on the middle finger, I smiled. It was he’s birhtday gift to me.. a silver ring decorated with rubies which happened to be my birthstone. And at that

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