Anne Emilie Poulsson

(1853 - 1939)

Biography of Anne Emilie Poulsson

Anne Emilie Poulsson (1853 – 1939) was an American children's author and campaigner for early childhood education and the kindergarten movement.
Poulsson was born in Cedar Grove, New Jersey on September 8, 1853, the daughter of Halvor and Ruth Anne (Mitchell) Poulsson. She later worked from Boston, Massachusetts. Poulsson was an advocate of the educationalist Friedrich Fröbel; she wrote and gave lectures on parenting, as well as writing copious books for children, some of which she translated from Norwegian. Updates

A Puppy Problem

When Midget was a puppy
And to the farm was brought,
She found that there were many things
A puppy must be tought.
Her mother oft had told her
The first thing to be known
Was how to gnaw and bite, and thus
Enjoy a toothsome bone.
So Midget practiced biting

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