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Hello my name is Anne and I am new to this site. I am looking to recieve some feedback on the poems that I write. I have always had a love of writting and never wanted to share because I was afraid that they wouldn't be good enough to be read. I am trying to get over this and would appreciate everybodies feedback. So if you leave me a post thank you in advance. This is very exciting for me. Updates

I Hear The Beat

I hear the beat the rata tat tat
I hear the rhythm and the rhyme
The soothing voice of words being sung
The music talks to me and tells a story to which i can relate
Sad songs, love songs, regret and inspiration
Close your eys and listen to what the sounds, beats and voices have to say
Thump thump bang bang drum drum drum
Fast and furious
The loud beat makes me energized yet causious

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