Anne Lacy

Biography of Anne Lacy

I have always loved poetry and the mystery and power it holds. So, I am happy to share some of mine with you and joyously read all of yours.
I suppose it should be noted that my poems were written not long ago during a sad time in my life; when my grandmother died of Cancer. My poems tell much of the suffering me and my family have endured these long months she has been gone. I hope you realise the emotional release that these poems are to me; and open your heart to their messages within. Updates

One Minute

Did you love me?
I wonder if you did
I long for just one more day
To talk about all the thoughts
Left drifting in my head
They hurt my mind
I scream in pain
Will relief come?
I wish to gain
Just one hour, a single minute
Anything you can spare
To let me tell you
That I did indeed love you.

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