Annie Cordelia Adams

Rookie (14 August 1991 / Birmingham)

Annie Cordelia Adams Poems

81. Meatloaf Surprise 6/23/2009
82. Most Of My Inspirations 7/9/2008
83. Ocean In My Veins 1/9/2010
84. One, Two, Three, I Love You 6/23/2009
85. Our Love Is Purer 11/8/2008
86. Paint A Picture Of The Sea 7/4/2008
87. Picture In My Locket 1/9/2010
88. Rainbow (Wherever You Are) 1/9/2010
89. Revolution And Rebellion 2/12/2008
90. Right Under The Stars 1/9/2010
91. Sea-Less Drought 12/28/2007
92. She Stands Against A Mossy Tree 7/9/2008
93. Sleeping Giants Do Roar Greatly Defiant 1/28/2008
94. Smile, Remember It All The While 7/16/2008
95. Sunset Horizon 2/11/2008
96. Thank You For The Blood 1/9/2010
97. That's A Fairy Tale 1/19/2010
98. The Day I Died Part 1 10/7/2010
99. The Day I Died Part 2 10/7/2010
100. The Day I Died Part 3 10/7/2010
101. The Sea Doth Strike 12/20/2007
102. The Stages Of Love 5/26/2009
103. The Stars Remind Me Of How Close We Are 1/9/2010
104. The Sun Forgot To Rise 5/12/2008
105. The Tragedy Of A Star (Our Little Boat Still Drifts Ashore) 5/23/2008
106. The Way The Moon Sits Upon The Brim Of A Yet Invisible Star 12/30/2009
107. The Whole Dang Meaning Of Love 6/20/2009
108. There Won'T Be An America 2/23/2008
109. This Is What The World Looks Like, I Think 1/11/2010
110. Two Letters Difference 5/16/2009
111. Two Poems I'Ve Yet To Write 7/16/2008
112. Undead 10/7/2010
113. Unread Books 5/26/2010
114. We Don'T Understand This, 3/19/2012
115. We Stand Facing At Two Ends Of A Field 3/16/2008
116. When I'M Older 10/26/2011
Best Poem of Annie Cordelia Adams

A Little Picture

A little picture, browned,
Had a tear on its edge
Where moth and rust
Plagued it away
Wherever was this picture found?
In an attic? Where dust collects?

A tiny picture, profound
In all measure, fledged
With beauty like gold dust
A blooming fleur bouquet
Like an old tea gown
It was tossed with willful neglect

It did, very much, astound
Those who pledged
Their direct trust
Who lived in that day
Who’s beauty it drank down
In honest respect, its object

An old memory found
In a river of images read
The old photo must, ...

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Hoist Sails, Lass

Is there an Ocean that does say freely:
Dear One, come toward me,
But stand from afar, you grieved!
And I will say to you, Look, here is eternity

In my waters, there is undying space
Do you not desire to come and see?
I am an enduring hickory tree
A resilient warrior and stalwart beast

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