Annie Jane

Annie Jane Poems

41. Always, Almost, Here 2/11/2012
42. Runaway Day 2/11/2012
43. 1071 2/12/2012
44. Eternal Blue 2/14/2012
45. Can'T Not Cry 2/14/2012
46. Pause 2/14/2012
47. In Good Time 2/14/2012
48. Little Miss Brittle 2/15/2012
49. If 2/15/2012
50. I'M Missing 2/15/2012
51. Hold 2/15/2012
52. Sore Simplicity 2/21/2012
53. Number 100 2/21/2012
54. Mobile In Memories 2/21/2012
55. Things I Am 2/21/2012
56. For Every, Each, And Always 2/25/2012
57. Loud As Empires 2/25/2012
58. Beholder 3/6/2012
59. Dear Dactyl Of Adoration 3/6/2012
60. To Die Upon A Kiss 3/6/2012
61. Suffice To Say 3/6/2012
62. Brighton 3/6/2012
63. Ironic Valentine 2/14/2012
64. Of These Things I Am Sure 1/12/2012
65. Dew Decorate Me 1/12/2012
66. Half To Share 2/11/2012
67. Vibrant Blood And Quiet Bones 1/22/2012
68. Moving Millstones 1/27/2012
69. Salt And Gold 1/22/2012
70. You'Re Morphine 2/21/2012
71. Finding Something Burning 3/6/2012
72. Brittle By Name 1/21/2012
73. Best When Broken 1/18/2012
74. A Frozen Flower Thaws 1/22/2012
75. The Tale Of Mr Sagittarius And Lady Libra 2/21/2012

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Best Poem of Annie Jane

The Tale Of Mr Sagittarius And Lady Libra

Mr Sagittarius, Man of Fire, among the trees,
Sat down and fashioned arrows out of wood and flint with ease.
Then passing, Lady Libra, who despite her grace and airs,
Was captured by the flame in him, so hid, and watched him there.

His craftsmanship was beautiful, he carved with speed and skill,
She sensed his softer music even though he'd trained to kill.
Our Archer took an arrow, raised his bow and stilled his mind,
The arrow sailed, and punctured through the tree she hid behind.

So here he found our Lady, and was spellbound by her eyes,
As bright as ...

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Just Can'T Rest

Once, sleep came so easily.
You opened my eyes, and now they refuse to shut,
Because they search for yours.

I know I leave you restless,
And I am sorry. Let those silent, stolen hours
Be mine, so I can have some part of you.

I will indulge my insomnia,

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