Annie Lake

Rookie (West Michigan)

Biography of Annie Lake

Annie Lake poet

'You are not alone-I see you writing your truths. I see you tear them up later when all seems bearable again, but those pages are your large white ticket to freedom and your reality is your strength in a world where ethics means tricks.'-Jane Evershed

'Women in the woods-we shall dance forever in the forests of our dreams till the sweet breath of life enables us to thrive in the labyrinth of true justice.' -Jane Evershed

'One must have chaos in ones self in order to give birth to a dancing star.' - Nietzsche

'I merely took the energy it takes to pout and wrote some blues.' -Duke Ellington Updates


I am small, imperfect
Love, if it was; betrays

And yet,
the woods and fields remain.

Breathe just breathe.

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