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Anonymous Daughter Poems

1. The Truth For My Sista 4/16/2007
2. Is It Luv? Or Is It Love? (Fff) 6/8/2007
3. Caught Up! 11/30/2007
4. Just A Title 11/30/2007
5. Not Dat Kind Of Chick 1/1/2008
6. Hy(Declaration: I Do Know) 2/13/2008
7. Time 2/18/2008
8. How I Really Feel 6/2/2009
9. Cycle? ? 6/8/2009
10. Replacement Girl 6/29/2009
11. Mind Revolution 8/10/2009
12. Men's Game 10/17/2009
13. The Intruder 11/12/2009
14. Note To God 6/23/2008
15. My Pet 1/13/2009
16. Suicidal 4/7/2009
17. A Woman's Curse 9/5/2012
18. Raw 1/20/2015
19. Never Thought 3/27/2009
20. Girl Talk 5/21/2009
21. Struggle Well 4/18/2013
22. The Pursuit Of Excitement 2/3/2010
23. My Fears 2/22/2008
24. Over 1/9/2007
25. Motherly Love, Motherly Advice 5/6/2007
26. Missing Void(Father) 5/21/2009
27. 2morrow 1/9/2007
28. Growing Up 5/6/2007
29. Still Alive (R.I.P 2pac) 5/6/2007
30. Tribute To My Man (Tupac Amaru Shakur) 5/6/2007
31. Rape 5/14/2007
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A horrible crime
Rape.....loss of innocence
Rape.....didn't have a choice
Rape.....Nobody heard my voice
Rape.....memory of the past
Rape.....hope it crosses my mind
erases out of my memory
so i don't have to remember the past
i wish she didn't tell me to go
so I would still have it
my innocence i mean
I used to be so clean
now i'm violated, unclean and dirty
and the guilt is killing me
even though its not my fault
i feel as though it is
when she told me to go i could have refused and ran
I could have dropped the stuff at the door
and ...

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Over its over
That's what I could tell you
But everytime I try to say it something goes wrong
just like a bad song
why can't I just say it to your face
instead my mind just begins to race
i wish it wouldn't
i wish i could just tell you it's over
But the last time I couldn't

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