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I am just a young Asian Indian man. My parents came to America when I was very young about the age of 2. I had grown up in a very traditional Indian atmosphere at home in the Midwest united states. I have been growing in what feels like a conflict inside and outside of me. One part of me is from India the other is me being a normal American. My father and mother are not very keen on me being so American and I wish to be just my self and they don't understand that I have grown up in an American school enviorment. This enviorment is my life away from home and it creates a personal conflict in me when they do not seem to accept it. My other half being with my American friends which a big part of me also is always questioning my whole being Indian and it affecting why I still let my parents be such a big part of my life. It feels like both sides do not notice the other and how I am more then what that one side sees. It is a bit of a havoc in me that makes me want to express my emotions for the current state. Updates

Mind And Me On Fire

Trying to remember back when I had a passion
I thought I could change everything
Now I am sitting on a laptop staring at the screen
It used feel like it jumps outta my pits in my stomach
What happen to me? I don’t speak with the same mean.
Have I seen how I can’t change the way things is
I used to nourish my mind with my own sight
Now I listen to other dudes telling me to focus
Getting older feels overrated our fire seems to die

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