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  • Janice M Pickett (3/25/2005 9:29:00 PM)

    People through the ages. From way back in the 12th centuary have written anominously for reasons known only to themselves. Usually because they are causing trouble or affraid to be known.
    On this site where so much has happened and poeple have been defacing other work and giving one scores and leaving no messages. Makes it hard to accept that you are taking the risk of not being blamed for everything that has gone wrong here.
    Best to say who you are quickly before someone decides to blame you for everything.

    Just a friendly warning.
    Janice m Pickett

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Poem Of Un-Reality

Ripe and eversoft as angel wings,
and the joy of juvenile, devilish things.
Mindful yet over bound for humiliation,
without any thought of gory mutilation.

Dewlight morning sparks sure light
while daybreak noon emits rays of night.
Liquid serum soaks the skins and
spills the blood within the kins.

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