Anoop Lokkur

Rookie (22/01/1985 / Bangalore)

Biography of Anoop Lokkur

In a Vessel of Dreams
I sail across this mortal Infinte Ocean.

I am a dropp in the Oceans,
A whisper in the Winds,
A grain in the vast Deserts;
For I too am,
Like you
Nature's wonderful creation.

I developed a habit of writing lyrics which later inspeired me to write poems with my first one called WOMEN followed by Beautiful little stranger.
Inspired by nature, unfound love, pain, joy, anger and other emotions.I sit to write poems to express myself almost every night.
Reading poems of great poets like pablo neruda, william Butler Yeats, Rudyard kipling and many others inspire me to be a better poet everyday and make me realise how much I am yet to learn from this mystery called life. Updates

As Good As It Gets

[another song i worte]

I am not what you think i am
I am more than an ordinary man
I've a vision I wanna share
But it seems like you dont care

No matter what I do,

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