Anselm Berrigan Poems

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Primitive State [excerpt]

Thingitation righteousness for pre-avail to drive away the mighty kraken

Put me in a room full of strangers and leave me alone

Have A Good One [In the error]

In the error
thinking of non-intervention
with you. A red sun
(don't look) pokes

Have A Good One [Just wasted]

Just wasted
and taking it.
In life
I rally

Let Us Sample Protection Together

When I was little I cut off the heads
of many lords. I can't count on the energy
that took to rise in me at will, but I've
strengthened my ability to make a

Poem for circulation

Things surrounding things
fill my Wicked Tuna grid

heart with a swishy austerity-like
intention. I cut my post-fleshy


drawn frogs appear to serve the exoskeletal goddess
in full mollusk shrug, shelves built for dated wreck
registers, cranial outbursts finely detailed, opening
at the outline of a spotlit ribcage, lists of thefts enter