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361. We Promised The Light, 4/21/2013
362. What Did You Come Here To See 5/14/2013
363. What Good Is Freedom 11/19/2012
364. What If 6/9/2016
365. What Is It That Most People Do 12/13/2015
366. What Is It That We Experience 8/17/2011
367. What Privet And Tender Moments 10/19/2012
368. When Cherished There Is No Stopping Us 1/1/2016
369. When I Was A Child A Bully Would Challenge Me 10/21/2012
370. When Jesus Went To Jerusalem 5/15/2013
371. When We Love Sincerely, Generously And Deeply We Recreate Creation Again, 1/2/2013
372. When We Where Younger We Had So Much Priceless Wisdom 10/13/2012
373. When You Fee 12/8/2012
374. When You Love 5/27/2013
375. When You Wake Up In The Middle Of The Night With Long For Her Your Soul. 12/17/2015
376. Which Is You 1/2/2016
377. Without Love We Die 9/20/2015
378. Xena 8/7/2015
379. Yes, There Are Two Gods 8/18/2011
380. Yet Do Not Know 7/19/2013
381. You 12/12/2015
382. You Are Enough 11/11/2015
383. You Are Not Letting Them Die, They Killed Them Selves. 5/27/2013
384. You Are Perfect Just As You 10/27/2015
385. You But Not The Real You 7/5/2014
386. You Cannot Resist 5/22/2016
387. You Do Yours And I'll Do Mine 12/13/2015
388. You Have More Than One Destiny 12/11/2015
389. You Have To See 7/16/2012
390. You Just Might 12/13/2015
391. You Learn From Strange. 8/21/2015
392. You Love So Much More Alive 11/27/2012
393. You Self-Righteous Fools That Beat, That Neglect Your Children And Hit Them And Think It Is All Right 12/30/2012
394. Your Are A Marked Person 10/25/2012
395. Your Conscious Intent 9/3/2012
396. Your Desire 12/1/2015
397. Your Father Is Incapable Of Love. 6/5/2016
398. Your Real Feelings, Your Depths Have An Intelligence Far Beyond Any Cognations 10/22/2012
399. Your Soul Is Stalking You 4/3/2017
400. You're All Right. 11/20/2015
Best Poem of Anthony Cavuoti

My God, My God, Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me

My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken me, we all have such moments, all seems hopeless. There is nothing, still we go on, we find a way. If we have done works of the soul, if we have moments before the cross where we where true to our core, those muster seeds will carry our depths, our soul, our life to a new life here or to new lands, to new hope, to more noble fulfilling desires to better more refined worlds to come.

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Unexpected Encounter

Somethings are beyond my capacity to express.
Sometimes the gifts of life, the grace of god goes beyond my wildest expectations, beyond any bliss, fulfillment and paradise I could ever imagine, ever dream of.
A miracle I can see, cherish and appreciate in time. Some were made for greatness, some meant for fame, others fortune, mine is greater than all combined, being able to appreciate you, Potentially having the privilege to see you in all your shades.
Not to act on it would surely ca

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