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41. Poison Heart 1/22/2010
42. Poison Heart. 1/22/2010
43. Magic Portion 1/23/2010
44. Scary Tears. 4/5/2010
45. Clean Rain 4/5/2010
46. Cold Wooden Benches 4/5/2010
47. Bullets Of Agony 4/5/2010
48. Dance With Tunes. 4/30/2010
49. A Serial Killer On The Run 1/10/2010
50. Life Is A Big Smile. 10/23/2009
51. Missing My Dear Joint! 10/20/2009
52. My Dear Joint. 10/15/2009
53. Teeth Like Pearl 1/10/2010
54. Young Heart...Old Soul 1/20/2010
55. Me&Myself. 1/20/2010
56. Silent Ocean 10/10/2009
57. I Start Now. 1/10/2010
58. Only In Your Eyes 4/5/2010
59. A Prisonner... 10/13/2009
60. The Passion Of Creation 10/10/2009
61. Head Over Heals 10/7/2009
62. Young Forever. 10/8/2009
63. Be Very Free 10/7/2009
64. Paint The World 10/5/2009
65. Maybe There's Something Wrong 10/5/2009
66. ...Secret 10/5/2009
67. Circus Of Life. 10/5/2009
68. Addiction 10/6/2009
69. ...I Run 10/7/2009
70. Who You Are 10/4/2009

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Who You Are

You are the jail of yourself.
You are the pain of herself.

You are the sun that shines.
You are the song that ryhmes.

You are the moon that glow.
You are the truth that i know.

You are the dark side of me.
You are the one to set me free.

You are the smile on my face.
You are the one keeping me awake for days.

You are the spirit in my soul.
You are the hands to catch me if i fall.

You are the madness in my head.
You are the beat of my heart till i am dead.

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Smile To Life

Its ok if u fall just open ur eyes.
try to understand this beautiful game.
Go step forword then another one till you rise.
Cause days are changing, seasons also nothing is the same.

Sink deep in you're thoughts good memories remember.
Change ur skin be ready for the new you.
If u fall again, don't worry no time to surrender.
open you're brain feel happy cause real joyful moments are really few.

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