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Rookie - 10 Points [Han One Sail] (April 19th 1992 til infinity. / Monterey Park. Raised in H.H.)

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Anthony Han poet

One Sail stands for my Chinese name given to me by my parents. Yi Fan. I am not very legible in reading or writing the mandarin dialect. I am American Taiwanese, I write poetry and stories. At times I do photography, however nothing that professional. I plan on finishing my first novel of my series called Shadows of God within my spare time.

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I'll just keep dreaming until it ends and wake up seeing it become a reality...

I believe through poetry. People can connect and are able to break barriers of all sorts.

I feel that poetry helps most people throughout history to live through the times. Rough or not poetry is the root of many other art forms.

Whether the person is a poet or not.
They can always benefit somehow by writing poetry for their own sake as well.

As an artist I try to work towards a better tomorrow.
A better future for the mankind of the present time.
The total existence of the world.
So that what I do as a artist will help inspire people to do what they think they must do to help the world or to just enjoy it.

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My contact email is

Anthony Han's Works:

Work in progress.
Recent years have myself busy working on my own novel series in the making called Shadows of God. Updates


Life is the start of a new beginning

Happiness is nutrition to enjoy life itself

Maturity is when the seed evolves in order to understand more from life

Age is related to maturity, when all is to see, what true state you are in, both body and soul

Sadness is the cause of grief, regret, hatred and depression

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