Anthony Han

Rookie - 10 Points [Han One Sail] (April 19th 1992 til infinity. / Monterey Park. Raised in H.H.)

Anthony Han Poems

1. Valentine's Day 2/16/2010
2. Lets... 2/16/2010
3. Grateful Soul 2/25/2010
4. To My Flower 4/19/2011
5. Selfish Inner Turmoil 7/22/2011
6. Payback 10/25/2011
7. Struck 10/25/2011
8. Shattered 6/2/2009
9. Power Of The Internet 6/2/2009
10. Shakespearian Sonnet - Lovely Night 6/2/2009
11. Midnight And Twilight 12/21/2011
12. Unbecoming Fables 12/21/2011
13. Guardian Incubus' Lament 6/21/2012
14. Not Talent Just Heart 7/28/2012
15. Misery Upon Memory 8/4/2012
16. Once Upon A Time On Pacific Coast And Sante Fe 8/7/2012
17. Darkness In The Garden (Song) 8/12/2012
18. Curses 8/20/2012
19. Ka-Ta-Na Su-Shi 8/24/2012
20. Sonny I Guess I'M Crazy 8/24/2012
21. Sleepless 9/4/2012
22. De Sol Populace 9/14/2012
23. The Soaring Avenue 9/21/2012
24. Recently 9/23/2012
25. Let Me 9/25/2012
26. A New Upbringing 10/4/2012
27. Grandmother A Matriach To Me 11/6/2012
28. Bohemien Groove 11/19/2012
29. Sad Men And Apples 11/19/2012
30. Pieces Above The Waterfall 11/19/2012
31. Do Not Miss 8/24/2012
32. Ode To A Meal Of Life 6/2/2009
33. Life 6/2/2009
34. Everyday (Song) 11/5/2011
35. A Penny In The Pocket 8/17/2012
36. Another Time Another Sleep 3/5/2013
37. I Remember 11/18/2012
38. Rain On My Soul 12/12/2011
39. Collapse To Relapse 12/27/2011
40. Thinking A Parachute Upwards 11/15/2012

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Best Poem of Anthony Han

Resolution Of Tears

This is my absolution
No necessary salvation
There's got to be someone else in this serenity
That can see the evil against this calamity

Let the fallen rise in their own
So we may slay their dark intentions
Bring oneself closer to God
Inhibitions of the one and only

Remorse of a golden age
New era secured by ancient lions
Praise thy lord my soul to keep
As I wait amongst this tower keep

How much would it cost
For all the world tonight
To complete a dynasty
Merge any uncertainty

And well go solve
As strong as our resolve
Let ...

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Eternal Love

I have come to the mark of my set time
Where I shall die and what awaits I do not know
I will darken the light around me, in a fit of animosity
Emerge the same, shining past the wrongs I have started
Tonight I'm burning in hell and it's all so well

The only thing I want is to hold you in my arms one last time
And in this flaming abyss the sparks kissing me don't feel the same
They don't feel like your gentle lips, instead they scar my face

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