Anthony Joseph Erangey

Rookie (Chicago, Illinois)

Biography of Anthony Joseph Erangey

Anthony Joseph Erangey poet

I am a musician and song writer. I have always dabbled in poetry on the side. Never published or read for anyone. Thought I'd throw my hat in the ring.
Recently I lost my first three poems here and have no clue why. Updates

Pleasant Thoughts

I'm still steaming, at them, me and whoever, this sucks.
I wrote from my soul, and like an idiot never wrote it down.
I trusted technology, like a fool. Never trust anything that is nothing like you.

I sound like some embedded bitter old hack.
Maybe, could be worse. I could sound like a billion struggling sages
all lost in their egocentric contracts. I'm still pissed that these poems are gone. I should have known better. That's the pain that throngs.

Well you can take this crap and ple

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