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  • ''If you dont wake up now you will wake up in future by force.''
    Time management and laziness
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  • ''Marry a materialistic lady and you will forever remain a poor man in society.''
    Materialism among modern ladies.
  • ''If you destined to be with a lady then you will use the least effort to convinced while if you are not destined you will use futile effort without results.''
    Love matters
  • ''Climbing a rugged terrain with high gradient builts the strongest muscles.''
  • ''A skilled paratrooper gains experience from a whirlwind''
  • ''Every dead trunk was once a healthy and steady tree.''
  • ''The top of a fault scarp has the freshest air and amazing breeze.''
    Going extra mile
  • ''Climbing a fault scarp is very demanding requiring a lot of thrust and commitment but falling from the top requires less effort.''
    Risk management
  • ''The tallest pine in the coniferous forest was once a cone on the ground being stepped upon.''
  • ''A tree on a lower canopy doesn't get enough light.''

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Cymer My Treasure

Cymer you are my greatest treasure,
And you fill my world with gigantic pleasure,
Therefore excusing of search pressure,
For you are my source of leisure,
Your you've already given me an assure,

My love for you is beyond compare,
In your heart I need a key spare,
For I can say this without despair,
As we always in love conspire,
To be to each other an inspire,

Loving you is what I like,
In my heart you've cause a spike,
That I feel like taking you on hike,
But our area contains a serene dyke,
You leave me with immense ...

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Peinaisa My Love

You will always remain my addiction,
For in your heart I have undergone a vindiction,
And will always adore you without any affliction,
For after conducting an election,
I am your first selection,

Although I had already done a statistical prediction,
Your love has left my heart with zero percent dereliction,
Therefore never expect at any time an eviction,

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