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  • ''When you become allergic to bonney fish its time to try cartilageous or sea food.''
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  • ''Stress will always be there when it happens to you just accept it and move on.''
    Stress management
  • ''Crying does not stop a problem it only refects how vulnerable you are.''
  • ''A storm doesnt last forever it ends in due time.''
    Challenges are not permanent
  • ''A jealous person will never prosper but the overzealous.''
    Prosperity and jealousy
  • ''Calamity comes without knocking and comes with a lesson. If you dont learn from it it will strike you again and again.''
    Learning from mistakes
  • ''Winning a race requires more of finishing speed than at the starting pace. Sucess belong to the overzealous, consistent and the persistent.''
  • ''When the wave takes too long to calm down its high time you think of another means of transport or else your goods will get expired.''
    Survival strategy
  • ''Changing the tyres of a vehicle wont make it move if the problem is the engine and has no fuel.''
    Facing problems not being an escapist
  • ''Your means of reaching the self-actualization doesn't matter what matters is that you've reached but the payment day is slowly encroaching like a desert''
    Unfair means of gaining

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Cymer My Treasure

Cymer you are my greatest treasure,
And you fill my world with gigantic pleasure,
Therefore excusing of search pressure,
For you are my source of leisure,
Your you've already given me an assure,

My love for you is beyond compare,
In your heart I need a key spare,
For I can say this without despair,
As we always in love conspire,
To be to each other an inspire,

Loving you is what I like,
In my heart you've cause a spike,
That I feel like taking you on hike,
But our area contains a serene dyke,
You leave me with immense ...

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Your excommunication makes me sad,
Because I always believed on making you glad,
But I am the one to blame and deserve to be called bad,
That I look more of a lad,
I feel today I have lost more rad,
Hence making me feel mad,
And I resemble a small tad,
My dreams have sunk into the sea as I wad,
I will no longer be your offspring dad,

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