Anthony Storr

Biography of Anthony Storr

Anthony Storr (18 May 1920 – 17 March 2001) was an English psychiatrist and author.

Born in London, Storr was a child who was to endure the typical trauma of early 20th century boarding schools. He was educated at Winchester College, Christ's College (University of Cambridge), and Westminster Hospital. He qualified as a doctor in 1944, and subsequently specialized in psychiatry. Storr was known for his psychoanalytical portraits of historical figures.

In 1974, Storr moved from private practice to a teaching appointment at the Warneford Hospital in Oxford, until his retirement in 1984. He was associated with Wadham College and was a Fellow at Green College, Oxford.

Storr grew up to be kind and insightful, yet, as one of his obituarists observed, he was "no stranger to suffering" and was himself allegedly prone to the frequent bouts of depression his mother had endured. He married twice, to Catherine Cole (who became a children's writer under her married name) in 1942 and writer Catherine Peters in 1970 after the first marriage ended in divorce.

Anthony Storr's Works:

The Integrity of the Personality (1961)
Art of Psychotherapy
Churchill's Black Dog and Other Phenomena of the Human Mind
Feet of Clay: Saints, Sinners, and Madmen (1997)
The School of Genius (1988)
Freud: A Very Short Introduction
Human Aggression (1968)
Sexual Deviation (1970)
Jung (Fontana Modern Masters, 1973)
Music and the Mind
Selected Writings Carl Jung
Solitude: A Return to the Self (1988)
The Dynamics of Creation Updates

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